Northland Concealed Carry

Brad Bohlmann's  NACFI Certified Firearm Carry-Permit instruction

I live in Duluth MN.

The training you receive from my class will qualify you for a Minnesota, Wisconsin and/or Florida carry permit - in one session!

Wisconsin residents MUST have a Wisconsin carry permit to carry in Wisconsin!

MN permit holders must refresh/renew every 5 years - those classes are $75

The Minnesota permit is accepted by 24 states plus Minnesota.

(Clickable State Maps courtesy of

My course costs $125 - this includes bullets, target, course materials, application forms and your range fee.  Plus, you will receive a free copy of Everything You Need to Know about (Legally) Carrying a Handgun in Minnesota , by Joel Rosenberg, a $25 value.

All training takes place indoors, so we train rain or shine. 

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Call me at 218-461-0486 (GoogleVoice number - local to 218 area)

Here are some links that I consider to be important (or at least worthwhile):

HandGunLaw.US - Everything you need to know about other states' gun laws and carry info

The Box O' Truth - See how bullets travel through various building materials.

New St. Louis Co. Carry Permit Office - Map of where the new County building is.

DM Bullard Leather - Great One-Man Holster shop - quality, not speed.